Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Valentines Day Cupcakes

As a lot of people are experiencing winters fury this week we are expecting another winter storm. For me it's just a good opportunity to make up some Valentines Day cupcakes.
I made roses for the first time ever and made them with marshmallow fondant. They were a lot easier than I thought they would be, now just to practice making more. Over all I'm pleased with the outcome of the roses but never hurts to practice. I used white chocolate to make the hearts, XO the arrows and the LOVE to put on the cupcakes. Also the little red printed  portion of the cupcake was made with MM fondant. I don't have the fancy printers for embossing prints on fondant so I just used a nice glass plate that has some nice print on it. I just cut out the cupcake size top portion of fondant then pressed it onto the plate.
I hope everyone enjoys the pictures and has a wonderful Valentines Day. Yup, here's the photos.

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