Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My sons birthday is tomorrow and as always I wanted to do something special for him. That pretty much means cake.
He plays bass in a band but is an excellent lead guitarist too. Pantera, Black Label Society and the likes thereof are the bands he has learned his music from and like myself, self taught. Last year I did a full size DIME guitar cake for his birthday, kinda hard to top that but I made an effort anyways.
Of coarse I had to choose the two most difficult colors to work with, black and white. In most other mediums that's not an issue but in cake making, at least to me it is a difficult task. It's difficult to get a true black and then when working with the white you have to make sure you don't smudge the white with black and that the black doesn't run into the white.
This particular cake ,dark chocolate with light chocolate espresso butter cream covered in fondant. The lettering and art work all hand done. Overall I'm moderately pleased with the outcome. This years cake....a guitar pic.

Black Label Society cake

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The pigs got into the cake!

While I was away working in the Seattle area I had a request to do a Pig themed cake. It was fortunate that they didn't want the cake until now, that way I was able to put some thought and design work into the project. I have seen some done before and I was thinking something a little whimsical but yet something everyone could enjoy. As always I am my own worse critic so I know all the faults but I have learned if you don't point them out people don't notice or care whichever the case may be. Well the cake is ready to be delivered tomorrow and I passed the pre-inspection from the end user so I feel confident enough in my work on this project. Hand made piggies and hand molded and detailed flowers. Hope everyone enjoys it, here are the pictures.

Pigs in Mud Cake

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bellingham Wa. photo's

I traveled to Seattle and then made my way up to Bellingham Washington last month. I took a month to go visit with family and friends and do some much needed work. Bellingham is a very nice, laid back little town with lots of things to keep anyone busy. Downtown there are lots of eateries and shops, then there is the bay and marina (good place to get your catch of the day). There are lots of parks in the area for both humans and our four legged friends, unfortunately my four legged friend was not able to make the trip with me. Having lived in Bellingham up until a year ago I hadn't realized how much I miss it there. I miss kayaking the various lakes and ponds and especially ocean kayaking. For the thirty days I was there to work I could have ended up staying ninety days with plenty of work. Anyways thought  I'd share some photos of the area in case anyone is interested in going there. Defiantly worth the trip.