Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas to our readers....

From Mocha, Chino, Kris and Paul (K&P not pictured)

Christmas Cookies

So I don't have much else to do, not traveling over the holidays and no cakes to be done so I thought I'd just make a bunch of cookies to give away for Christmas.
I made: Chocolate Krinkle cookies
Orange/Pecan balls
Peppernotter (Scandinavian Christmas Cookies)
Snow Peeks
Soft Gingerbread
Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies
Mint Fudge
The Peppernotter cookies turned out to be my favorite this year a nice lite spice and a touch of sweet. I still have a little time to do some more but I'm thinking I'll just enjoy being with family and friends and do some relaxing.

So here are the photos.....I did about twenty dozen plus the fudge.

Monday, December 2, 2013

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Under the Sea Cake...Project Complete, here are the photos, the good, the bad and the ugly

Hand molded and painted Sea turtles
This is the largest cake undertaking so far in my short cake making career. My facilities are somewhat limited equipment and size wise so that in itself presents its own challenges.

This cake consisted of 4-12" rounds, 2-10" rounds, 2-8" rounds and a sheet cake which I used to cut out the mini rounds for the lighthouse.

All the fish, turtles, sea shells were hand molded and hand painted and the Ray and Sharks all hand formed and painted. Also the Sea Anemones and the likes all hand formed. The green reef was made from marshmallow fondant and the "bumps" for the reef simple marshmallows, then the fondant layed
over them and pushed down to form the bumps.

hand painted fish , turtles and shells
The ship was just cake layered together to form the
ship them MM fondant molded and then wrapped
onto the cake. Cinnamon sticks for the masts.

Pretty much everything for this cake was hand
molded, hand painted or hand made.

The candy reef under the Ray was hand done using
a sugar recipe I found online and then poured over ice.
The other smaller pieces are melted Jolly Ranchers
and again poured over ice to form the 'Reef" pieces.
I used water lights like the florists use in the bottoms
of flower vases for my lighting at the bottom
hand formed and hand painted Ray
and I used a flashing balloon light at the top of the
Thankfully this cake was for my wife's birthday
because there was a lot more I wanted to do but
simply ran short of time. The little things that didn't get
done would have added more appeal to the cake.
Overall everyone loved it and ultimately the  birthday
girl loved it. Her mouth dropped open when she saw it.



ship wreck cake on reef
hand made sea creatures, rocks and reef
ship wreck cake below lighthouse cake

Ray on sugar and Jolly Rancher Reef

Lighthouse cake

Lighted lighthouse and reef cake

Fondant Hammerhead Shark 

Sea Turtles swimming among the ship wrecked cake and tropical reef

Great White Shark in foreground of reef cake