Sunday, May 29, 2011

We went to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to pay our respects to Kris' grand parents and other family members in honor of memorial day. We also drove thru Minute Man National Historical Park in Massachusetts.
One of the many covered bridges in New Hampshire.
Mocha and his new friend went down the slide and his new friend had to do some work on  his little riding tractor so he had put it up on blocks.
Now that the camera is back in working order I'm hoping to get some photos of the colorful birds around here.

The season has changed

After  about ten days of wet weather the sun has finally shown itself. It's nice to have it finally drying things out.
The season has changed.......from Black Fly to Mosquito. I prefer mosquito.
Still haven't figured out how to get my pictures off the SD card, have a new one though.
There are lots of birds where we are camping, Gold Finch, Humming, Red Throated Woodpeckers, Owls (which I haven't seen yet just heard them) and Turkeys. Have been hearing the Turkeys "drumming" all day long every day. I know they have a nest nearby but I don't want to go investigate and disturb them.
We have a Bonn-Fire planned tonight and hopefully some good eats to go along with it.
It's pretty peaceful here and finally starting to get some sleep.
Eighteen more days and then we will be back on the road. Looked at the (driving) map of Yellowstone National Park this am to get some idea of where we will be going and what/where we will be seeing there. Looking forward to it.
Anyone have a suggestion of how to get my pics off of the cracked SD card?

Friday, May 27, 2011

SD card problems

Have some pics to post but my SD card for the camera got cracked somehow. Figuring a way around it and will post them later today.
Sun finally came out, has been nice the last two days the 80's and sunny :)
Moved our camping spot to a new location so its not nearly so wet under the tent.
Wicked thunder and lightning last night but only a few rain drops. Vermont got hammered with rain lots of people and  property sitting in 3 foot of water.
Thanks Paul, Kris and Mocha

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

nothing new

We met with a friend of Kris' last night, she hasn't seen him in 20 something years. It was a good visit and a great dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ.
Today we are just chilling spending some time with Mocha.
Tomorrow we meet with the minister and someone else...the guy who is charge of the hall we are renting as we would like to rent the kitchen also. Have the list for shopping for food for the reception and have the cake and flowers ordered....have to have them delivered, all I could see was the cake toppling over on the way to the reception hall.
Haven't blogged for seven days so thought I'd just update everyone. Kinda wanted to Web Cast the wedding but I don't have the know how.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

gotta love camping in the cold and rain

Gotta love it! The first day of camping was ok. Second day.....two inches of rain, the picture of the tent doesn't show the dike and the trenches put up and around the tent to keep the water away. Oh and the extra tarps. Stayed fairly dry. Back into the van for the third and fourth day, at least its dry there. Temps have been in the forty's at night and damp to say the least. The first day here was nice Mocha got to go to the park and run. He has learned to swim and love the water, and the mud! Came back from running around yesterday covered head to toe in mud. He received a nice wash down in the cold hose. Have a nice stream here and a few small waterfalls on the way up to our camping spot.
Still wish I was the apartment :(. Funny how you come to miss the everyday conveniences and comforts. Still......gonna make the best of it, might as well try to enjoy it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

first night

In New Hampshire and finally got settled in our new setting. Tent up rain cover on bug spray prepared by the gallon.. Black fflys are  thick. Mocha has been enjoying being outside. Overall first night was good a little cold but hey it's camping! I'll post up some pics of the new home later on but right now the coffee is brewing and I need another pot.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

thanx Samuel

Thanks for the advice Samuel. It's not really jet lag, its just from driving lots more hours than originally planned. A few good days of rest, some good meals and some relaxation should help.
Driving thru four timezones Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern.....gave us time to adjust.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

trips events we wish didn't happen.

A) Thought I lost my credit card and drivers licence in Fresno CA.....found it the next day in an unexpected location.
B) We dodged a chair someone lost onto the road
C) We dodged Elk on the road @ 3:30 am..I know who drives at that time in the morning?     Me!
D) Encounter a large sharp piece of metal in the road at 10pm in Page AZ, results....flat tire and a two hundred ten dollar bill for the tow and a new tire as they were unable to repair the flat one.
E) Small Disagreements from sheer exhaustion and other things that we got over.

All in all not to bad. Haven't calculated our miles traveled so far but I'm sure it's near seven thousand.
Now to rest for awhile enjoy living and then enjoy the rest of our trip.
Thank You to all of you who have been viewing our blog......
                                                        Happy Travels

Pictures from Kris.........the entire trip till now

Well she has tons of photos, I just picked a few of them.
Starting with Devils Punchbowl in Oregon then the new bridge above Hoover Dam. Photos from Sedona AZ. Then the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and the Lincoln Memorial and Korean War Memorial in Washington DC. We are spending some time with friends and getting settled to spend some time here. The next portion of our trip starts after fathers day in June. We will be posting pictures of the area and a special event coming up soon. After fathers day our agenda is to go to Niagara Falls NY, Chicago's Sears Tower, Mall of America in Ill. or Indiana. the Wind Caves, Mount Rushmore, Bike week in South Dakota Yellowstone National Park and then head back toward home.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New York (NYC), New Jersey, Conneticut, Massachusets, Vermont, New Hampshire

Always loved NYC, worked there for many years driving truck. It's much different without the trade centers being there. We went to Ground Zero and we did see the Statue of Liberty but didn't get and pics of it. Drove  up and down the west side highway and went Canal Street to China Town. I remembered standing in the window sill of one of the trade center towers on the 66th floor and looking out over the center and the few people I knew who had worked there when I did.
Yesterday we drove into or thru six states, today tired again. I did manage to get a famous NYC vendor hot dog with the special NYC onion sauce :)