Friday, May 6, 2011

trying to catch you up!

Seems like there hasn't been anywhere we haven't been the last few days. Kentucky then Tennessee to Nashville back to Kentucky to Mammoth Caves. Spent the night in Lexington got a nice sunrise in the am. Then West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and now New Jersey. Spent a lot of today in DC Arlington National Cemetery and the other monuments. Kris got some nice pics of the Korean War Memorial, I'll see if I can get her to post them. We've had the oil in the van changed twice since we left, at last count we have driven over 5500 miles.
Tomorrow we are going to try to get to ground zero in NYC and catch a few other sites in NYC. I drove truck (tractor trailer) in NYC and the Burroughs so I kinda know my way around, have a map just in case. So far it's been a pretty good trip, we miss everyone at the community center in Lynden. We will be home.....sometime :)

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