Tuesday, May 17, 2011

gotta love camping in the cold and rain

Gotta love it! The first day of camping was ok. Second day.....two inches of rain, the picture of the tent doesn't show the dike and the trenches put up and around the tent to keep the water away. Oh and the extra tarps. Stayed fairly dry. Back into the van for the third and fourth day, at least its dry there. Temps have been in the forty's at night and damp to say the least. The first day here was nice Mocha got to go to the park and run. He has learned to swim and love the water, and the mud! Came back from running around yesterday covered head to toe in mud. He received a nice wash down in the cold hose. Have a nice stream here and a few small waterfalls on the way up to our camping spot.
Still wish I was home.....in the apartment :(. Funny how you come to miss the everyday conveniences and comforts. Still......gonna make the best of it, might as well try to enjoy it.

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