Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OK NOW I'M....

Laughing to hard...second time in an hour.LOLOLOLOLOLOL....the officer appologized, said he ran our plate and realized we had just been stopped within the hour. He sent us on our way with "have a good day" For me it has been, I thought it was a riot. LOL

What a wonderful morning... LOL

I had to laugh..after the fact. I was just casually taking pictures, one of the State Patrol sitting in the emergency turn around. Two minutes later Kris is getting pulled over. No she was only doing 55. Who knew it's illegal to have things attached to your window (GPS) and around your mirror.  The officer was very nice, wanted to know everything about where we have been what we were doing, where we were going. Then he searched the vehicle. LOL Obviously we checked out ok, were still on the road.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Illinois.........I can see why Abraham Lincoln wanted to go to Washington DC to be president so bad. Did get a good picture of Sears Tower. Wanted to go to the observation deck and check out the glass bottom that allows you to look (literally) down over the city but circumstances didn't allow us to.

Wisconsin.......I learned how to spell it!  From what I saw it is a beautiful state. And the Cheese Heads aren't bad people either.

Minnesota......Crossed over the Mississippi River on the way to Mall Of America. That's pretty much what we went out of the way for. It was a pretty amazing mall. They have three or four floors, movie theaters, numerous restaurants and hotels, over a thousand shops, a large aquarium, and of coarse the indoor amusements. Seriously I thought " if this is what the United States has become......" anyway that's a story for another day.

Tomorrow off to South Dakota...hopefully "the Badlands", Mount Rushmore...........wont get to either of them tomorrow but we will enter South Dakota.another step closer to home. YEAH

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Indiana, Lake Michigan Dunes

Must be Lake Michigan has lost of minerals in it. Yes it was copper color at least near shore. It didn't stop Mocha from enjoying it anyways. We watched the locals swimming so we figured it was ok for him to go in. LOL.  Once again i forget the town were staying in. Starting to feel like a drug induced rock star that has trouble remembering the town he is playing in. :/

another day

our plans didn't work out quite the way that I thought they would, but that's ok....there will be another time. We did a lot of driving today, and again Mocha got to check out another great lake, this time it was lake Michigan...how he now loves the water....