Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vermont, New York..again ( Northern)

Drove thru Vermont into New York today, spent the night in Utica NY. Got up on day two and decided to stay off the interstate as much as possible. Drove route 20 until we got west of Rochester. Eventually ended up at Niagara Falls NY.
The falls are beautiful, best viewing is from the Canadian side. We however did not go into Canada and enjoyed the falls view from the upper viewing deck on the US side of the falls.
We went down (200ft) to the lower viewing area but nearly as soon as we got there we had to leave as the window washers motor blew up on his window washing walkway. The emergency and fire department made everyone leave the viewing deck. The washer was up about 150ft and as far as I know all turned out well.
Kinda just hung around for the afternoon until the lights came on at around 9:30pm. It was worth the wait.

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