Monday, June 27, 2011

Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Illinois.........I can see why Abraham Lincoln wanted to go to Washington DC to be president so bad. Did get a good picture of Sears Tower. Wanted to go to the observation deck and check out the glass bottom that allows you to look (literally) down over the city but circumstances didn't allow us to.

Wisconsin.......I learned how to spell it!  From what I saw it is a beautiful state. And the Cheese Heads aren't bad people either.

Minnesota......Crossed over the Mississippi River on the way to Mall Of America. That's pretty much what we went out of the way for. It was a pretty amazing mall. They have three or four floors, movie theaters, numerous restaurants and hotels, over a thousand shops, a large aquarium, and of coarse the indoor amusements. Seriously I thought " if this is what the United States has become......" anyway that's a story for another day.

Tomorrow off to South Dakota...hopefully "the Badlands", Mount Rushmore...........wont get to either of them tomorrow but we will enter South Dakota.another step closer to home. YEAH

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