Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In and getting settled.....

Actually finally getting rested up. Fourteen weeks of travel and two weeks looking for an apartment. One week of moving. I'm still exhausted but it's good to be in a place of our own and have the conveniences we missed while on the road.
House is almost settled, except for the fish tanks. Next a thorough cleaning and some good meals.
Hope to be back volunteering soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

It helps to....

It helps to know people. Called someone I know, fortunately they had an apartment available.
Second day of moving items from storage to the apartment and should be able to finish up moving things tomorrow. Then the real work will be putting everything away and organizing it all.
Thankful we have a place but will be glad when it's all done so we can relax and recuperate before we start volunteer work again.
A huge THANK YOU to my cousin who let us stay there for a week while we searched.

Monday, July 18, 2011

How hard can it be?

If you don't count Sunday then I guess its' been three days.
We have called at least 50 apartment complexes, have been able to look at two apartments.
I guess in the long run we should have kept our apartment to begin with. I just couldn't see paying for something that wasn't going to be used for thirteen weeks. Hind sight is always 20/20.
Well the problem being this, if  you don't have a dog that is the size of a rat and barks at everything (in other words, if you have a larger dog that is behaved and quite) then they don't want you to rent from them.
All in all I guess I'd say I'm a bit frustrated. Don't get me wrong there are apartments available that take larger dogs, I just can't afford them. And who can afford a one-thousand dollar deposit for a dog?
Don't worry It'll be fine, something will turn up, it always does :)


Friday, July 15, 2011


As we arrived in Bellingham Washington I checked the odometer. We have completed our trip, traveling just over 15,000 miles. It was more than we anticipated.
Seeing many National Parks...amazing
Seeing the wildlife and meeting new people....wonderful
Being home..........priceless :) :)
It's definitely an experience we won't forget. Luckily I have been able to experience it twice. Next time I think we'll go someplace warm where we can just relax. While this trip was an experience of a lifetime it wasn't the easiest. There was a lot we wanted to see and do that we didn't get to do but we are grateful for the experience and that we had good fortune while traveling.
Thnx again.......Paul, Kris, Mocha

arrived in Bellingham..

Arrived in Bellingham last night. Now to search for affordable housing, that will except a good pet.
I have pictures I took from Spokane to Seattle, may post some of them later. Time to go look through our mail for the past three months and take care of business.
Overall our trip was good. Thanks to all of you who followed us along, we were happy you joined us. We were glad we were able to share our experience with you.
We will still be blogging here probably until we get moved to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, sometime next year.
See all of you soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

on our way

Left Spokane this morning and on our way to.......well we aren't exactly sure. :)
I think we are going to go to Aberdeen for a few days, go to Ocean Shores to spend some time on the beach. Mocha needs some time to run, run, run and play. In the mean time we are just taking things day by day.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back in Washington.........

It has been a long trip. Not as long as we had planned but it has been good. We have seen new places, done new things and met new people.
Mostly we have made it safely for which I am very thankful. We are 375 miles from home, have made it this far with little vehicle trouble. I believe our total miles in in excess of 14,000.
Now we face new challenges, finding an affordable place to live that will take a dog. And saving money as we are planning to move to a climate that will be better for our health (one without snow, or very little). I know Bellingham doesn't get much but we are looking for less.

A few last sight seeing trips and then back to business.  I think I'm going to continue to blog, while it hasn't been the easiest to do while traveling I have enjoyed sharing our adventure and pictures with everyone. We have thousands of pictures which I'm going to try to put on a CD today. Hopefully for those who have not been able to follow us on our blog I'll be able to show them on CD.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

slow progress

pictures uploading slow so will post the rest when things speed up......for now the pics will be in reverse



A little disappointed in Yellowstone. It was very scenic but we went to see wildlife!
Two days, we did the lower loop. One hundred miles. We did the upper loop and a part of the loop we did the day before. Saw a few Buffalo, some elk, birds. Camped at Mammoth campground overnight and was a bit surprised to find a buffalo coming through our camping area while I was making the morning coffee. I followed him across the field and across the road and found a herd of Elk or Mule Deer (I haven't figured out which yet) feeding on someones lawn. Watched as a mother feed its baby.
After coffee we took the upper loop and did spend some time viewing a Grizzly bear in the field rustling up his morning breakfast. Guess that made the two days worth it.
Made it out of Yellowstone early this afternoon and entered into Montana. Off to Butte to spend the night, shower and rest up and charge our batteries (the electronics and ours).

Found out today that a couple that had been hiking surprised a mother bear and her cubs and were attacked , the man didn't survive. :(

Monday, July 4, 2011

Alt. 14....Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway

If you ever going to Wyoming from South Dakota you may not want to go ALT14, instead you may just want to go 14. WE WERE WARNED ABOUT THE STEEP MOUNTAIN. Thirteen miles down, switchback etc and a 10 percent grade. We ended up stopping for an hour on the side of the road in one of those "runaway truck ramps" to let our brakes cool down. They weren't kidding when they said "all vehicles use low gear". We stopped said our prayers and waited, we still had six miles of downhill to go.
Well we made it down safe without further incident and proceeded to Cody Wyoming. July 3rd so we waited another day today July 4th we went to the Cody parade and gonna watch the fireworks show tonight.
Cody is named after Buffalo Bill Cody and the town has many original buildings and so many artifacts in the Buffalo Bill Museum.
Cody also boasts to be "The Rodeo Capital of the World" and I can see how that is so. The PBR (Professional Bull Riders Association) sponsors a number of rodeo events every night here in Cody.

After another night here we are driving west (still) through Yellowstone National Park, probably a two day event. An appropriate event....while we were in the "Old Town" we had a dust storm.visibility zero.