Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A little disappointed in Yellowstone. It was very scenic but we went to see wildlife!
Two days, we did the lower loop. One hundred miles. We did the upper loop and a part of the loop we did the day before. Saw a few Buffalo, some elk, birds. Camped at Mammoth campground overnight and was a bit surprised to find a buffalo coming through our camping area while I was making the morning coffee. I followed him across the field and across the road and found a herd of Elk or Mule Deer (I haven't figured out which yet) feeding on someones lawn. Watched as a mother feed its baby.
After coffee we took the upper loop and did spend some time viewing a Grizzly bear in the field rustling up his morning breakfast. Guess that made the two days worth it.
Made it out of Yellowstone early this afternoon and entered into Montana. Off to Butte to spend the night, shower and rest up and charge our batteries (the electronics and ours).

Found out today that a couple that had been hiking surprised a mother bear and her cubs and were attacked , the man didn't survive. :(

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