Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colorado...a welcome with all it had!

Colorado welcomed us with a huge party...three feet of white confetti, closing the pass by Vail. We turned off before the pass and spent the night with about 100 trucks. Sleeping in the van and waking to 28* temps. Finally woke up and got on the road about 6am and the 2.5 hour trip to Denver was about 3.5-4.0 hrs  but we were rewarded with blue sky's. Oh yeah the temp on the pass at Vail 13* :(


Wow Utah, not a place I would like to live but it has some beautiful places. We went to Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef and Arches National Park. We also went thru some snow...but none one the roads. What a long drive. Besides the beautiful scenery the most memorable thing I experienced was driving across the top of a 2-3 mile platto, just two lanes wide and enough room for maybe a bicycle on the side. Nearly straight down on both sides and WINDY :/ when Kris said "WOW WERE HIGH"......I said " I didnt need to hear that"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some late pics

Arizona ...........I wish I wasnt so paralyzed.....

We have left Las Vegas and are on our way to Cottonwood Arizona to visit my brother and his wife. We had a very nice visit although short. Kris, I and Mocha are on our way to Sedona which I've heard is beautiful and then onto the Grand Canyon and north. I wish I wasn't so paralyzed from fear of heights I could have enjoyed the Grand Canyon with Kris. She however has never seen it and I'm sure will blog about it later on. We went east 64 to Cameron and then north to Page AZ. We arrived in Page around 10pm had something to eat and then encountered a piece of metal in the road and a flat tire. Got towed to the tire shop which is right across the street from the motel so all is good. As soon as I can find the cameras Ill post some pics.........Thanks for watching :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Las Vegas

We're leaving Vegas in the morning, and heading to see another one of Paul's brothers. Vegas, is just awesome, 85 degrees, laying by the pool and what a burn I got, thats ok, I'll be tan for the wedding. Thou we did some gambling, we weren't lucky enough to hit the high winners.....then again, we know how casino's work. Another long journey awaits us.....looking forward to it......

Monday, April 25, 2011

Las Vegas Baby!

We have arrived in Las Vegas Nevada! Unfortunately I can't blog about it because...WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS.
Alot to see and do here but the best part of it has been sitting by the pool in the 85* weather....awesome!
We drove down the strip went to the Flamingo Hotel and to the Mandalay bay to shark reef. In a bit were going to go to Treasure Island. The rest of this blog has been censored.....