Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My sons birthday is tomorrow and as always I wanted to do something special for him. That pretty much means cake.
He plays bass in a band but is an excellent lead guitarist too. Pantera, Black Label Society and the likes thereof are the bands he has learned his music from and like myself, self taught. Last year I did a full size DIME guitar cake for his birthday, kinda hard to top that but I made an effort anyways.
Of coarse I had to choose the two most difficult colors to work with, black and white. In most other mediums that's not an issue but in cake making, at least to me it is a difficult task. It's difficult to get a true black and then when working with the white you have to make sure you don't smudge the white with black and that the black doesn't run into the white.
This particular cake ,dark chocolate with light chocolate espresso butter cream covered in fondant. The lettering and art work all hand done. Overall I'm moderately pleased with the outcome. This years cake....a guitar pic.

Black Label Society cake

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