Monday, July 13, 2015

Hello Kitty.....

So I get all kinds of requests for cakes and seeing as I don't really need the business I can pick and choose what I would like to do. This weekend did a Hello Kitty cake for a birthday. It was far from perfect but if any baker tells you their cakes come out perfect it's likely a lie. The sign of a good cake maker is to be able to adjust and cover up the mistakes. Mistakes, always a good reason to make more decorations than needed!
I made marshmallow fondant for the cake and the decorations of marshmallow fondant too. Most people are the most critical of their own work so I'm not an exception. Cake delivered, customer happy, that's all that really matters. I guess it should be Hello (fat) Kitty

Monday, July 6, 2015

Something new....

We were invited to a birthday party for our friend on the 4th of July and I wanted to make something memorable to mark the occasion. I've done lots of different and odd cakes, cupcakes but it's always nice to come up with something new. How about cupcakes that don't look like cupcakes but some other food, good idea. I've done hamburger cupcakes before but that's about it for non cupcake looking cupcakes.
I ran across the idea somewhere for spaghetti and meatball cupcakes, relatively easy. I made white cake cupcakes filled them with strawberry jam, made some pasta looking butter cream frosting and bought Ferraro Roche candies for the meatballs. I didn't try one but I was told they were good, I reserved my taste buds for my favorites, Jack Daniels Winter Cider cupcakes.....damn good! Anyways this is how they turned out, much better than my photography.....


Monday, March 23, 2015

Truck for Sale........

I'm selling my 1968 GMC 1500, it's not a show truck but it does look good, you get lots of thumbs up and people asking if they could take their picture with it.
It has new tires and brakes, new wheels and a new interior. The paint is nice but not perfect. It is a 3 speed on the column and has the optional 327 engine with Summit headers and FloMaster exhaust which gives it a nice rumble. This truck needs very little, a great daily driver or for a few bucks you could make this truck a show truck. My price is 13k, not negotiable. If you have any interest my email or you can call, if I don't answer leave a message and I will call you back within 24hrs...603-306-4545

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

These will warm up your day!

I have a friend that requested Jack Daniel cupcakes, not to buy she just thought it would be something I'd like to do.
Gave it some thought and came up with Jack Daniels Winter Cider cupcakes. A nice Winter Cider buttercream frosting, chocolate cake and a apple/winter jack compote. Have to say these are my favorite cupcake yet, a nice wintery flavor sure to warm up even the coldest of days...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Vilseck and Nurnberg Germany via Amsterdam.......

This being our first trip off the North American continent we learned many new things about travel. The first thing we learned is if you are going to visit a friend or family member on a military base, DO NOT STAY ON BASE unless the family member is free to be with you your entire time on base. We stayed on base four days in Vilseck and were pretty much prisoners the whole time. We did have a great room at the Kristall Inn, living room, kitchen large bedroom two bathrooms and English speaking television.
After our forth day we managed to get off base into the town of Vilseck and get a room at the hotel Angerer which was built around the late 1500's. It made the stay a bit more tolerable.
The second thing we learned, DO NOT GO DURING THE HOLIDAYS which run basically Dec. 24th through Jan 6th. The bars were open but we were lucky to find a restaurant open to eat at on New Years eve and on New years. BTW most every restaurant in Vilseck is Greek. I haven't eaten in a Greek restaurant for awhile and for good reason which I will not go into. I must admit I may have been wrong, the people we came across were very cordial and we received great service plus the food was outstanding.
On day 5 we rented a car so we were able to drive around and see the country side in Vilseck then we made our way to Amberg to meet some friends for a very nice dinner, then after drove to Nurnberg to stay at the Movenpick Hotel at the airport. There are other hotels that are more centrally located to the city center and less expensive but staying here alleviated moving luggage. With four bags a backpack and a disabled wife with wheelchair and only myself to move everything you get the picture.
We did not get to see everything we wanted to see in Nurnberg, practically nothing we wanted to see as most places were closed for the holidays. We had two or three days that shops were open and managed to miss at least two of those days. We wanted to stop at Swarovski Crystal, and La Casa Del Habano store and get some Cuban cigars and the day they were open we couldn't find them. Pretty much we just walked around and visited the old church, the palace, Nuremberg Trials Memorial and did some shopping in the City Point Mall.
The third thing we learned, GET A PHONE WITH INTERNATIONAL CALLING AND INTERNET, it will save a lot of aggravation and time when you are trying to get around and find places.
Here is a tip if you have been traveling and need laundry done, because laundry mats are few in Germany. If you are in Nurnberg and in need of laundry service go to BAYREUTHER STR 21, it is a small laundry on the corner but easy to find. You can do laundry yourself or have them do it for you, which is what we decided to have done. The young lady there was so helpful and spoke English, she called us to pick up our laundry when it was done, what a relief! I forget here name but I'll go back next time we are there for sure. Oh plus she has a coffee and pastry area @ the laundry so that's a bonus.
We absolutely loved Nurnberg, the city has a nice mix of old and new architecture with many of the old building dating back to the 1500's. I'll have to go back to get the names of the places we visited I can't remember them right off.
If you go to Hauptmarkt you will easily find many notable landmarks, shopping and restaurants. definatly  one of my favorite spots. There is so much more to see in Nurnberg with a little investigating you will find whatever interests you.
If your interested in WW2 there is the Zeplin Field, the Nazi Parade Grounds etc. Also home to the famous Nurnberg Trials.
So anyways plan ahead, spend some time doing research and enjoy your trip.
Oh one of the best experiences of the trip for me, driving the Autobahn...105mph and I was still getting passed. :)
ok enjoy the photos.....