Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cupcakes

A friend of my wife's daughters baby shower was today so I just decided to throw something together real quick. I new the theme was "rubber ducky" so last night I mad some marshmallow fondant and the cupcakes. Got up this am and made the frosting, pudding for the filling and colored the fondant . Filling the cupcakes and doing the frosting, pretty easy and the ducks weren't that difficult (after a few tries)  Finished just in time to deliver them. About 3 hours work this am, coloring the MM fondant takes some time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Starting to get exited about......

traveling again. Hopefully we will get started in August and our first destination is North Carolina. I'm exited because I'll actually have something to blog about besides baking. Why North Carolina? Neither me or my wife want to spend another bitter winter in the Northeast, having lived in the Northwest for three years before moving here we happily enjoyed  milder winters so we are headed to North Carolina for warmer climate, beaches and new adventures.
We are also getting our passports ready and planning a trip to Germany and other locations while we are there. A new camera is in order so our photos will be upgraded. So looking forward to getting started with new adventures. It will present some challenges as my wife had a stroke in Jan this year and in June fell and broke her shoulder so everything will take a little more planning for her to enjoy each adventure. For sure no parachuting or bungee jumping for her and we'll have to see about white water rafting but we will definitely  find something for her that she will enjoy, even if it's just sitting on the beach enjoying a bottle of wine and watching a beautiful sunset. Hey if your with the one you love that's pretty much all that matters.
Hope to be travel blogging soon.......