Monday, July 4, 2011

Alt. 14....Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway

If you ever going to Wyoming from South Dakota you may not want to go ALT14, instead you may just want to go 14. WE WERE WARNED ABOUT THE STEEP MOUNTAIN. Thirteen miles down, switchback etc and a 10 percent grade. We ended up stopping for an hour on the side of the road in one of those "runaway truck ramps" to let our brakes cool down. They weren't kidding when they said "all vehicles use low gear". We stopped said our prayers and waited, we still had six miles of downhill to go.
Well we made it down safe without further incident and proceeded to Cody Wyoming. July 3rd so we waited another day today July 4th we went to the Cody parade and gonna watch the fireworks show tonight.
Cody is named after Buffalo Bill Cody and the town has many original buildings and so many artifacts in the Buffalo Bill Museum.
Cody also boasts to be "The Rodeo Capital of the World" and I can see how that is so. The PBR (Professional Bull Riders Association) sponsors a number of rodeo events every night here in Cody.

After another night here we are driving west (still) through Yellowstone National Park, probably a two day event. An appropriate event....while we were in the "Old Town" we had a dust storm.visibility zero.

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