Tuesday, May 10, 2011

trips events we wish didn't happen.

A) Thought I lost my credit card and drivers licence in Fresno CA.....found it the next day in an unexpected location.
B) We dodged a chair someone lost onto the road
C) We dodged Elk on the road @ 3:30 am..I know who drives at that time in the morning?     Me!
D) Encounter a large sharp piece of metal in the road at 10pm in Page AZ, results....flat tire and a two hundred ten dollar bill for the tow and a new tire as they were unable to repair the flat one.
E) Small Disagreements from sheer exhaustion and other things that we got over.

All in all not to bad. Haven't calculated our miles traveled so far but I'm sure it's near seven thousand.
Now to rest for awhile enjoy living and then enjoy the rest of our trip.
Thank You to all of you who have been viewing our blog......
                                                        Happy Travels

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