Sunday, May 29, 2011

The season has changed

After  about ten days of wet weather the sun has finally shown itself. It's nice to have it finally drying things out.
The season has changed.......from Black Fly to Mosquito. I prefer mosquito.
Still haven't figured out how to get my pictures off the SD card, have a new one though.
There are lots of birds where we are camping, Gold Finch, Humming, Red Throated Woodpeckers, Owls (which I haven't seen yet just heard them) and Turkeys. Have been hearing the Turkeys "drumming" all day long every day. I know they have a nest nearby but I don't want to go investigate and disturb them.
We have a Bonn-Fire planned tonight and hopefully some good eats to go along with it.
It's pretty peaceful here and finally starting to get some sleep.
Eighteen more days and then we will be back on the road. Looked at the (driving) map of Yellowstone National Park this am to get some idea of where we will be going and what/where we will be seeing there. Looking forward to it.
Anyone have a suggestion of how to get my pics off of the cracked SD card?

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