Thursday, February 27, 2014

New DIY Project......

As most of you know by now my travel blog has turned mostly to a  baking blog.

We haven't traveled since summer but hopefully will be traveling again by the end of the year. While we may travel within the USA the plan is to go to Germany via Amsterdam and to spend three weeks to a month there. Not just in Germany but throughout Europe.

So since we are not traveling and I am baking I decided i need some cupcake towers. I've seen them done and finally got around to getting the items i need to make my own. The ones you can buy are expensive and if they're not just to cheep looking. I spent about 7.50 making this cupcake tower but I had the center already. The cost of the two plates..4.50. The cost of the glue 2.99. I bought Locktite I've always had great success with it. Just be sure when you place whatever your gluing that it's exactly where you want it because once it touches it's not moving. This is my first one and I learned that plus a few other things to do. Also you can always add things to your center like dry flowers, marbles, pebbles whatever you want pretty much. You can make one like I did in about ten minutes. Takes more time just getting the items. For a first go at the tower I'm happy. Plus if you decide to you can always sell them.

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