Saturday, July 28, 2012

We made it!

after spending a few hours in a few different rest areas, napping we made it from Madison Wisconsin to Rochester NY.  Checked into the motel at 2pm and pretty much slept until 7am Sat.morning. After showers and much needed coffee we got under way. The rain (all the way from Rochester NY to Lebanon NH) was a welcome relief after this weeks heat.
So we made it here safe and now to rest a bit and get things moved into the new place and then raise some much needed funds.
Overall it was a good trip, with the stressful parts of it and all. All I can say is thank God he made Dodge. Oh! a big UPS to GMC, today I locked the keys to the moving van, inside. Fortunately the lockout was covered by the GMC Roadside Assistance program. They had someone out within an hour, gave us just enough time to eat and take the dog for a walk. :)

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