Friday, July 27, 2012

It's all Jelly Beans, Puppies and Rainbows...HA

Wow, so much has occurred since 4 days ago, where to begin.

Well we left Gillette Wyoming at twelve thirty am on the 24th (driving at night to stay cool, us and the dog) and got to within two miles of the Michigan border and boom bam bang it all started. Just two hours into our trip and our Ford Windstar blew a head gasket. I was able to make an illegal u-turn (twice) and get back to Kris, Mocha and the van and we managed to push it to the rest area two miles up the road. Now what?  Well we waited until eight am when people opened for business and began making calls. Two hundred for a I don't think so. Finally got in contact with a U-haul agent, twenty miles back the way we just came and went and rented a truck. Now we have a truck trailer and two vans. Drove the rental with the trailer behind and Kris drove the van back to the rest area. Two hours of furious work in ninety plus degree weather and we had both vans and the trailer loaded into the rental truck and were almost back on the road. We still had to decide what to do with the broken down van. It was going to be expensive to fix and take a weeks time at some shop. Fortunately an employee at the rest area asked if we were having a yard sale (ha ha). Actually I told him yes we explained the situation and then he asked what we were going to do with the broken down van. I calmly replied " Oh were giving it to you" so he says " no really what are you going to do with it". We ended up giving it to him as we had the title handy and saved us another three hours waiting for someone to come and get it.

That was a long day, we ended up driving to Madison Wisconsin spending the night where our other van got vandalized and then spent the day and most of the night driving to within fifty miles of Erie Pennsylvania. Today well we are exhausted but will see how far we make it. For now were just tired, broke and hungry. Anyone up for a road trip? 

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