Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trip update....

We left Saturday am early and drove to Spokane WA.  We saw a nice Buck crossing the Cascades. The day went well.
Day two got an early start today (Sun) and ended up in Belgrade Montana, a few miles short of our original destination. Had some issues with my van overheating on the pass from Butte and with it being 92 degrees outside had to drive our last 65 miles with the heat on full blast.
We decided to get a room at the Super 8...nice place but kinda pricey for us. At least we get another good night sleep and have some air conditioning to cool us and Mocha down.
Tomorrow our destination is going to be Gillette Wyoming. That means we are getting up at midnight leaving at 1am so we can drive in the coolest part of the day or night depends on how you want to look at it.
Please continue to say your prayers for us to have a safe and uneventful (mechanically and otherwise) trip.
                 Thank you all
           Paul, Kris and Mocha

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