Friday, June 22, 2012

It's a gray Vancouver BC day.....

Its' been around 56f today and of coarse raining. While the rest of the United States is enjoying summer weather we are still waiting.
I have been apprehensive about our upcoming trip so I am just trusting that God will provide us with safe and mechanically uneventful journey.
In other news.........baking. Can't do much with the rain, trying to get the apartment together so we can move next month but there is only so much you can do ahead of time. Anyways thought I'd make a few things this weekend starting with cream cheese sugar cookies, maybe Martini cookies this time. Then I thought a cake would be nice so I'm going to throw together a Red Velvet cake  with the traditional frosting. Maybe if there is time and I'm bored enough I'll make an Italian Cream cake for Petit Fours Don't ask why I'm baking all this stuff I just hope to find enough people with sweet tooth's to take the majority of it.

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