Thursday, June 21, 2012

four weeks and counting

before we leave cross country again. This will be something like our forth or fifth cross country journey  in the last two years, each one enjoyable in their own way. Our last cross country tour took us through about 39 states, numerous state and national parks, national monuments and sixteen thousand miles.

This will be our last cross country road trip for awhile but we hope to be traveling other places which will require air travel. This upcoming road trip we will be going via I90/I94 the most northern route. We have traveled I90, I80, I70 and I40. After this trip it will pretty much leave just I10, the southern most route, and hopefully the most enjoyable.

We are planning on taking eight days so it will be a relatively easy drive. Haven't really looked at what to do along the way so I'm open for suggestions if anyone want to leave a suggestion in the comments box. The only stop I really have planned is the Alien (themed) burger place, and right now I'm not even sure where that is located. No rush we still have a few weeks.

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