Friday, October 25, 2013

Legends of Rock Tour Set up....American Vinyl All Star Band

Setting up the show and tearing it down tomorrow. Look for pictures sometime Sunday, depends on what time we get home :( Sunday morning.
So our crew showed up at nine am Saturday and started unloading trucks, every thing in and in position for setup by eleven. I setup mike stands and help get everything opened up, helped with the speaker tower setup, ran some electrical and then got to work on my project.....the off stage light truss. in between a few smokes and some beverage didn't take but about an hour to an hour and a half. Still lots to be done but that was my show project. Doesn't seem like much but hanging the tour pro chain hoists, hanging the lights, attaching the safety lines to each light and then.....electrical hookups, electrical hookups, .electrical hookups, electrical hookups, tape all of it so it doesn't disconnect or fall down and interfere with the lighting. Fun shiz! We had everything set up by around noon. Then make sure it all works, sound, lights, fog machine everything. The Legends showed up around two pm for rehearsal so everything has to get mic'd for each person and then lighting has to be worked for effects for pretty much each song, lots and lots of work. In the end so worth it! Those guys were awesome....they ROCKED and you could tell they were having fun. I did't get and "during show" pics A) because I have a crappy camera B) still lots to do. At least I got to greet them with a "great job" and handshake when they came off stage at the end of their set, give em some drinks and listen to them plan their encore. I swear someday I'll have a good camera and time for some good photos. BTW...I did have help on the off stage lighting and being an insider, privy to getting all the band members autographs on a show poster. Honestly it was worth the seventeen hours of work to get to hang and chat with them...and watch them ROCK, ROCK, ROCK, and enjoy themselves.

The "Legends"
From the band "Boston" Fran Sheehan (funny guy) and Barry Goudreau
Lead Guitarist Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (awesome) Played for "The Doobie Brothers" and Steely Dan
Mousey Thompson- The James Brown and Wilson Pickett Bands
Danny Beisell-Fosterchild
Leroy (LSR) Romans- Bob Marley and the Wailers bands.

The Guest Band was Over Orange Heights....they were good too.

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