Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting started on the next, Under the Sea cake........

My next cake undertaking is the largest project to date. The "Under the Sea" cake is going to be 36w x 24d x about 30-32 inches tall. Complete with fish, seaweed, a coral reef and other assorted sea creatures. Also in this project a shipwreck and a working lighthouse. The plan is to have the reef lite up so it steadily glows. I'm using six "water lights" to light the reef. The lighthouse is going to have a blinking beacon. The hardest part of it so far........sharks. I've made three so far and none have turned out to my satisfaction. I've used fondant ( you know, the store bought stuff) and I've used marshmallow fondant which I made myself. Not giving up though this cake has to be just plain BAD ASS. I'm hoping to get it all made and put together next week and I'm hoping it actually stays together. The lighthouse will be the most challenging to keep upright but somehow I'll get er done. No I don't have any formal training in cakes so most of my custom stuff is just trial and error, probably would be easier if I knew some of those "tricks of the trade". So far this is pretty much what I have. The "cake" part of the project is easy so I'll have to spend most of my time on the hand made and hand painted (with food coloring) pieces. Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments welcome too.

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