Monday, October 7, 2013

Audio Adrenaline, Disciple, SK, Ryan Stevenson and .........

sorry I can't remember the name of the fifth band. I'll have to ask my son, and ask him for copies of his pics.
So it was yet another long day, the venue was about three hours from us so a fairly early start at eight am. It was a beautiful drive to Pittsfield Mass. and we arrived about eleven am. Met with the producer and then the rest of the crew and started unloading and doing the setup. I am not an experienced Roadie! My son is he has set up a lot of shows. Seriously setup is just the beginning, there is lots to do in between the band changes, security, all kinds of stuff. Audio Adrenaline was great but I enjoyed the music of Disciple the best (they rock it) Ryan Stevenson (my  homeboy from Boise) was fantastic and SK they all are very good performers.
Even after the stage is set up there is still all the merchandise to do, although they do a lot of their own. Caterers (yea for them) always lots to do so I didn't get very many photos or very good ones.
So after the event ended, the tear down, loading, good byes, and the drive home......4am. Yup twenty two hours but it was good to get to spend time with my son and meet new cool people.
Enjoy the pics......BTW the other band...Kardia

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