Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I must say that it has been a rough three weeks. One week packing and loading, one week driving cross country, one week unloading and getting things relatively settled. Haven't had much time to relax or re cooperate. We have a decent apartment with a really nice landlord but it is much smaller than we are use to. We got rid of our mattress and box spring before we moved (as there wasn't really room for it) and now we have to sell our sofa (couch, depending on what part of the country your from) because we are unable to fit it up the stairs to get it inside. Our other option was to put it on the roof take out the window and try that way, I'm just not into it plus I'm just to tired.
Its been hot here eighty near ninety although today was a little bit cooler. Our apartment gets the days sun so we have been running the fan 24/7 even though we try to keep things closed up as much as possible during the day. Hoping things will be normal again by the end of September, if my health permits I'll be able to do some volunteer work again and start doing some baking.
I'm simply hoping that this move is worth it but I guess if I get to see any of my kids it will be. I have agreed to stay here at least two years then we will see what life brings.

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