Friday, August 3, 2012

I must say...

that after three years I have become unaccustomed to the heat and humidity of the east coast. With the temperature being in the upper eighty's to mid ninety's and humid (as it always is) I'm finding it draining. Even Mocha has had a time getting used to it and was even sick for a day with well dog stuff, we'll leave it at that.
Being in the upper northwest has made me soft to the temperature swings as it is usually forty's in the winter and seventy to seventy five in the summer. We have been keeping the lights off and things closed up as much as possible and have the fans running constantly. Also keeping hydrated. Happy to say I've lost four pounds in the last two weeks of moving. Haven't really gotten out to much other that taking Mocha to the river, which is maybe three blocks from us. Today went to the park which is literally across the street which is nice because every Thursday is the local farmers market, and I love fresh veggies and fruit.
Something that I like here is that everyday of the week in a different location someone has a "community dinner". Usually sponsored by a local church or non-profit organization. It's really kinda nice. Something that would have been nice to see in the Northwest. By the way if you can't afford a donation, don't worry about it. Anyways I'm off to drink another cool beverage and maybe do some more unpacking.
Maybe tomorrow I can put up some upcoming events/things to do from the Hampton Beach Calender of Events which I have been mulling through today. All I know is the Seafood Festival is coming up and it looks like I would like to go!

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