Friday, April 27, 2012

Off to the Andes

Yes it's off to the Andes. No not the mountain range, unfortunately. As you know we have been been at our base camp here in Bellingham Wa. No traveling for another twelve weeks or so.

Anyways I did mention the Andes, yes Andes mints, part of my new creation. Andes Mint cake. As I am learning and teaching myself baking and baking techniques. So I decided to do the Andes cake, black forest cake with a chocolate ganache center layer and a cream cheese mint butter cream frosting. I used a little heaver mint flavor for the ganache and a milder mint flavor for the butter cream. Overall the flavors came out great. Just need more work on the decorating part of it. Oh, I have also learned don't point out the mistakes, usually no one will notice. BTW it was delicious. Seriously, it came out shall we say.........MINT!

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