Friday, April 13, 2012

My apologies

for the US Travel Blog title. It applied while we were traveling in 2011 for 14 weeks. If you look back into the older blogs you'll find lots of photos etc about our travels. Check April-July 2011.

For now while we are at home my blog has turned to a "Food Blog". After spending the money to take a "French pastry" class and a "cake decorating class" at the local tech college I decided it is best to jump in and DIY. Don't get me wrong the classes had lots of good information but all that can be learned over the internet too. Like everything, unless it's experienced first hand (and done first hand, as I am a Kinastetic learner) then it's just to difficult to grasp the "how to" of doing what I love, baking.

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Laurel and Jake said...

We have the same issue with our blog title...glad you're not letting it get in the way of continuing your writing. You will travel again and in the meantime you're on a different kind of journey. I enjoy your baking blogs!