Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My New Found Belief..

It's been awhile since my last blog. I have come to a new belief, and that is.....that our pallets have become lazy, uncaring and quite vanilla. Bland is the normal. We don't care how it tastes as long as our bellies are filled.
Even my own taste buds have fallen victim to the mundane, sad to say.
I have recently discovered that it's okay to have a flavorful possibly even a fun filled food . My quest is going to be to teach myself, even if it may mean following others leads, to make baked goods that are not just good but ones that will bring smiles to many faces. Besides it's always nice to hear a compliment on the food item you have studies, investigated, and experimented on until it has reached its' perfection.
It may take countless times of preparation, experimentation and a seemingly endless amount of supplies/expenditures but when it finally comes together...... wonderful
In the next few weeks I promise to post pictures and possibly the recipes to go along with them. Being Easter Sunday I am planning on making 1) Mountain Dew Turtle Cupcakes (with a surprise) 2) Black Forest Lady Bug Cupcakes. No actual bugs will be harmed in the making of theses cupcakes. 3) Chocolate marbled cheesecake with Chocolate Cardamom Gunache Frosting and I'm hoping to add something special to the top in the form of spun sugar. Most of these items I have never done before, so I am planning on spending a long day in the kitchen and hopefully, success in the end.
                                                                 Stay tuned in..........

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