Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nothing like fall in New England...

It's a beautiful time of year in New England. Lots of places to leaf peep but we decided to stay close to home for a day trip to Killington Vermont Mountain.
We have been up to Franconia Notch in northern New Hampshire in the past and it is just plain crazy up there when everyone is out to look at the leaves. Some come to climb others to hike and some to trail ride with their bikes but overall it's just plain crazy, no finding parking in the service areas, rest areas or in some places the side of the road. I digress, I decided to surprise my wife with a trip to Killington to go on the gondola to the top of the mountain. It was beautiful when we left but started to rain lightly shortly after we arrived and got cold at the top of the mountain, see your breath cold.
Anyways got our tickets for the round trip ride (20** ea.) and started our assent it was a nice ride, great scenery. We decided to have lunch at the restaurant on the top which was very relaxing, not overcrowded and we got to sit, enjoy the views each other for awhile. By the way the restaurant is a bit pricey but that's to be expected, fourteen dollars for Salmon, thirteen for an Angus burger both with appropriate fixings. The food was okay the staff very pleasant and friendly. Many people take the gondola up the mountain and bring their mountain bikes up for the bike path ride down. It's defiantly not like the bike path in Vancouver BC but it seemed like there were plenty of riders and they were enjoying themselves. Took a few pictures from inside the restaurant and the gondola so most of them have rain drops from the windows but I though I'd share anyways. Overall a good day and a nice trip.
Oh we also stopped by Queche Gorge just east of Woodstock Vt. If you ever get out to this area this time of year you won't be disappointed, just have a reservation well in advance if your staying over night.

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