Saturday, September 14, 2013

whirl wind tour.....Casting Crowns

Well I've spent the last two days with my son doing a short tour with his friends. We've driven about 500 miles and two venues. Luckily we live in the middle of the two venues. Besides the two venues I been working almost 100 miles north of here. I didn't work the days of the venues so that's a plus. The days have been long this week from early am, 4 or 5 am to midnight to 2 am. I'm beat.
It's my first experience with Casting crowns and they were a great bunch of people and do a really great show. So here are the pictures from the shows. I managed to get a short workout before the show and check things out before it all got started. I forget the intro bands name but the main guy, his name is Eric.

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