Sunday, March 31, 2013

I just tried dog for the first time.....

and I must say it was a pretty good cupcake! While some cultures do eat them I believe they are best for pets and working animals. This dog however is edible and there is no guilt involved, okay maybe a little if your on a diet.
I don't have young children anymore or any grand kids that visit but I still enjoy making something for the Easter occasion. This year I thought something cute, no rabbits, no ducks......puppies!
The price was reasonable enough, about 12 for 24 to make from scratch. Puppy cupcakes, anyways who doesn't love those soft cuddly puppies? These are so cute believe me you will want to cuddle them. If you want instructions or the recipe leave a comment and I will make sure you get them STAT.
So after a little work and a little taste testing this is what I came up with.
                                                          GOOD DOG!

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