Monday, March 11, 2013

Georgia, Fort Benning Ceremonies....

Our trip to Georgia, the trip that changed many times. Originally we were going to drive and make a 13 state sweep of some southern states we have not been to. That changed to flying to Atlanta and then renting a car to drive to Columbus. So i got ahead of myself in the story. We took the bus to Boston Logan airport, which was nice having someone else drive at 5am and then not to have to pay for parking. Before we even arrived our flight had been cancelled, so we call to get our flight rescheduled. We arrive and find out there is a flight two and a half hours earlier than the one we have so we change flights again. After sitting at the airport three hours we finally board our flight only to have our flight delayed, so we sit on the tarmac for another hour. Yes we did finally get underway but to late to catch our connecting flight but the airline had our new boarding passes ready as we got off our flight. Lots of bad weather and redirecting of flights mad the trip down to Atlanta a nightmare.
We did manage to get a rental car and make our eight pm meeting on time. That was in Columbus. Just to finish off our day the hotel we had reservations at had lost power and had not set up another reservation anywhere for us. We did get a room about 6 miles from that location and it was a very nice room.
Talk about a busy four days, run run run. I had hoped for a more relaxing schedule and some time to experience the local cuisine.
Well we still wouldn't have missed the experience for anything, it was totally worth it. We went down to Georgia to watch my stepsons "Turning Blue" and Graduation ceremonies at Fort Benning.  We were lucky to meet some great people there and also meet with family from other parts of the country.
Anyways some pictures from the Turning Blue ceremony and the Graduation ceremony.

Oh BTW the trip back went as smooth as butter so all ended well.

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