Monday, December 3, 2012

Winnie the Pooh and.....

Homemade "Hostess Cupcake"s too.
Just a quick update on the things I've made this last week. I also made Bakliva but did not take any photos. A friend requested a Winnie the Pooh cake so I made a double "mirror" image Winnie the pooh cake for them. I didn't have a shaped pan so I had to hand cut it. I think it came out okay.
The "Hostess Cupcakes" came out great, I used a Black Forest recipe for the cake portion and topped it with chocolate ganache and a vanilla buttercream swirl. They were  much like the "Hostess" cupcake but the flavors were much better and they won't last three years partially because they are so good and partially because they don't have all the additives.

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