Monday, November 19, 2012

Cookies, Cakes and Pies.......Oh My

It's nearly thanksgiving and I'm sure everyone is getting prepared. Besides turkey or ham whichever you prefer or maybe a nice prime rib there are lots of other preparations to be made. I however have the task of just doing the baking. I've done a bit of baking early nothing much maybe five dozen cookies, a good practice run. I've made some cream cheese sugar cookies and still am looking forward to doing some holiday fudges, some sugared citrus rind candy, more cookies some pies and a few cakes. Today I think I'm going to make some fondant butterflies and work on a few hummingbirds for a cake I have to have ready for the beginning of December, just practice ones that way the templates can be all done and will be easier to make and assemble when it's time to do the cake. So i took a couple of quick photos of the cookies I just finished, snowflakes and Margaritas. All packaged and ready to go!

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