Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Boston Red Sox........Cake

Well as usual I got a late start on the Boston Red Sox cake, later than I wanted to get started.
It was my first time making and using Royal Icing and Modeling chocolate, both were very easy to make. I always try to do something new although it normally doesn't work that way. I drew out the sketches of all the lettering so I could use them as a guide. Laying parchment paper over the  prepared art work and then piping the Royal Icing onto the lettering. It was a little difficult because you have to use some sort of tool to push it around to get the proper shapes but all in all it was a good learning experience. The modeling chocolate I decided not to use and went with fondant for the base, baseball glove, bat and baseball and the pendant.
I made my miracle frosting or I should say secret recipe frosting in Cheesecake flavor. The cake itself, half vanilla half chocolate. The cake came out just the way they wanted it and it was enjoyed by everyone. As far as the pictorial on the making, no time so I just have the finished product pictures. As soon as I get the sugar storm in the kitchen cleaned up I will get started on "Beer Mug" cupcakes and toward the end of the month chocolate covered ice cream tacos.

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