Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby Shower Items Delivered.....

A nice order with a few challenges, the biggest challenge being finding the products needed for Vegan Cupcakes. I did my research, so I could be sure that I was in line with the Vegan standards and then finding where I could purchase those items. Secondly using items I rarely use in baking, Organic unrefined sugar which I come to find is brownish in color. There is white granulated sugar you can get that is Vegan but they didn't have any available in this area and I didn't have time to order any so I made due. The other items like Vegan butter and shortening wasn't a problem. I did not use baking powder or baking soda I had to use vinegar as a raising agent, After a couple try's at Candied Lemon peel I was successful and I made a few batches of cupcakes before I got them to be acceptable for me. I'm my own worse critic! I also succeeded at lemon Vegan curd, after three attempts.
I also made Black Forest Espresso cupcakes and triple vanilla truffle cupcakes. I had to make a few vanilla cupcakes without chocolate so I used vanilla mousse for the center instead. The triple vanilla cupcakes were vanilla cake, a vanilla truffle in the center, cream cheese white chocolate frosting and white chocolate curls. The no chocolate vanilla had cream cheese frosting , white cake and vanilla mousse.

The Black Forest espresso cupcakes were black forest cake and lots of espresso.

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