Friday, September 7, 2012

Another standoff today.....

was captured on camera in Lebanon NH. Mocha out for his morning constitutional spotted his friend coming across the street, and into his yard. Mocha patiently waits for the Squirrel to come under the gate and begin to investigate the yard. He stares intently at the squirrel from the porch and then the charge. Mr. squirrel makes it to the tree for protection and the standoff begins. Ten minutes go by, the squirrel makes a desperate move and jumps to the adjacent tree. Mocha follows hoping for a miss calculated jump, no such luck. Another ten minutes go by and the squirrel becomes nervous, Mocha hasn't moved a muscle. Squirrel comes down the tree, Mocha waits, the squirrel almost to the bottom and a leap and a miss by Mocha. The squirrel quickly scrambles back up the tree. Twenty minutes go by. In a final desperate attempt to escape the squirrel leaps from the tree to the roof of the garage, a four foot jump at least and barely hangs onto the edge, but he made it and escapes into the garage attic. Mocha missed the jump and continues to look for the squirrel in the tree for another twenty minutes ignoring his friend who has come out for the morning romp session with Mocha. I call him off for there will be another day and another meeting.

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