Saturday, November 12, 2011

Here is the stuff...

                                                                                                                                                                                    This is almost everything that is available for sale. The rest of the items I will post in the next few days. here are the prices....
  1. 1960's Chinese wooden lantern ......50.00
  2. 8 gallon Red Wing Crock......25.00
  3. 2 sets of Nascar Jeff Gordon ornaments 1st has 3 ornaments 2nd has 1 ornament and a Jeff Gordon color changer. 10.00
  4. 2 Dale Earnhardt 1/64th die cast cars a #3 and a # 30. Also a Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 AMP/National Guard car. (The #3 was selling on EBay for over thirty dollars) 15.00
  5. 1960's Hand crafted Little Companion "Quintin" porcelain doll. 40.00
  6. Custom made commercial grade rug. Rubber backed to help prevent sliding. New customs sell for two-hundred forty dollars plus the art work. 100.00
  7. Set of Japanese swords possibly from WW2.    100.00
  8. Stag horn serving knife and fork. 12.00
  9. Nice authentic Coach handbag. New it sells for four-hundred dollars. 35.00
  10. Ozzy Osbourne bobble head pen. 5.00
  11. Nash Bridges Cuda 1/64th scale die cast with tv card (yellow) and a green Cuda both by Johnny Lightning. 8.00 for both. Check them on EBay they sell for a lot more.
  12. Dolphin sculpture by John Perry. 24.00
  13. Blue on white 12" vase. 5.00
  14. (not pictured) Pre 1947  71/2 foot Salt Chucker Troll fishing rod made by  Wright & McGill No.SCT 71/2   Eagle logo 9-E. 150.00
  15. (not pictured) antique fishing rod (fiberglass) with a 30-40's Penn 49 Deep Sea Reel (amber reel handle) 100.00
  16. (not pictured) Antique fishing rod made by Wright & McGill. Champion 8ft No.MTR 8. Eagle logo 14. The guy I talked to at Wright & McGill said "I'd hang them up on the wall and fish with something else cause you wouldn't want anything to happen to those. He aslo said "It's nice that you have a piece of Eagle Claw history. 250.00                                                                                                                 The rest of our items I will list tomorrow. If you see something you like call us 360-362-9272  Everything is listed on Craigslist (Bellingham) for nearly double. This is "Friends pricing" hope to hear from you and yes I will negotiate pricing for you. Tell your friends to check our blog they may see something they like. Remember :) Christmas is coming. :) Thank you

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